Rearth Ringke Fusion BlackBerry Passport Bumper Case - Clear


Product part number: RFBB001

Product reference: 51126

Protect the back and sides of your BlackBerry Passport with this incredibly durable and clear Fusion Case by Ringke.

"Fantastic looking case with great protection for my phone!"
"I Like This Stuff"

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Helen Dyson

Blackberry Passport protective case
6 September 2015
Fantastic looking case with great protection for my phone!
This case looks very cool and smart. It's sturdy too, guaranteeing my phone will be undamaged if I am unlucky enough to drop it! Good value for money also. Awesome service and speed of delivery from Mobile Fun, as always!!

Pauls Nemirovsky

BlackBerry Passport
17 May 2015
I Like This Stuff
ILOVE This Stuff! :-) <3 Thank

Dom Parkes

20 April 2015
A smart case that makes my BlackBerry look a little like a CD case from the side, remember them? No? Ok, must be my age then. It provides good (hopefully) protection if I get clumsy. And as I ordered before 6pm it arrived next day - Ideal. Thanks

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Additional information

Hybrid design protects your BlackBerry Passport from damage

Manufactured from a combination of materials, the Ringke Fusion Case protects the back and sides of your phone from accidental bumps, drops and scrapes. The tough plastic back will save your BlackBerry Passport from accidents without adding excess bulk to your device while the edging will not only protect against impacts, but also makes the case easy to fit.

Crystal clear case emphasises the back of the BlackBerry Passport

Designed to complement the unique styling of the BlackBerry Passport's back, the Ringke Fusion Case is completely transparent and slim - which allows you to see the key finishing details of your BlackBerry Passport and enjoy fantastic protection.

Cut-outs for the various ports and features of your phone

The shell has all of the appropriate cut-outs for the ports and features of your BlackBerry Passport such as the camera with flash, volume controls and lock switch.

Simple slip on design

The simple slip on design allows for easy installation and removal if necessary. It features a special coating on the inner of the case, which prevents the case from scratching the back of your phone.

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