Rearth Onyx HTC 10 Tough Case - Black


Product part number: Onyx-Black-HTC-10

Product reference: 59656

Provide your HTC 10 with slim yet heavy duty protection with this smooth finish black Ringke dual-layered Onyx case. The design and soft touch finish preserve the aesthetic and feel of the HTC 10.

"A brillant case for my new HTC10"

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Hazel Rowe
Northern Ireland

10 November 2016
A brillant case for my new HTC10
I just got the new HTC10 phone...was a little disapointed it didnt come with a gel case like the M8 did ...however i came across this one.. I will be honest it wasnt my first pick as i had my eye on another more expensive one on here but needed a case for a reasonable price. I have too say i thought it might not fit too well as not a original htc product but i am really fits the HTC10 like a dream.. a lovely snug fit slipping about and feels a really tough case Ive had no problems with it wat so ever. Looks more expensive than it was Id recommend highly too anyone..

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Additional information

Sleek, modern styling

The Onyx tough case from Ringke provides your HTC 10 with supreme, modern styling that perfectly compliments the sleek design of your new device. With a sophisticated brushed finish, the Onyx case is sure to make your HTC 10 stand out from the crowd, whilst keeping it well protected.

Rearth Onyx HTC 10 Tough Case - Black    Rearth Onyx HTC 10 Tough Case - Black

Advanced shock absorption

Featuring advanced protection built-in, the Ringke Onyx tough case keeps your HTC 10 safe and secure at all times. Guarding perfectly against knocks, bumps and drops, the case has been designed in such a way that force and shock is absorbed through the case's Air Space technology.

Rearth Onyx HTC 10 Tough Case - Black

Port coverings protect against dust and dirt

Integrated into the case are intuitively designed port coverings that protect your phone against dirt and debris, which can get clogged and cause severe issues. These covers offer complete protection for your ports when not in use, while still allowing full accessibility when needed.

Better in-hand grip

With textured sides and a smooth back you can be sure that you'll have full control over your phone at all times, while it stays comfortable in hand. This extra grip helps to reduce any unwanted accidental drops that could occur on a daily basis.

Rearth Onyx HTC 10 Tough Case - Black

Access to all ports and features

Designed to allow for your phone to be fully accessible while in the case, the Ringke Onyx case has cut-outs for all of the ports and features. This includes the camera and flash and charging port. This means you won't have to remove the case to use the full capabilities of your HTC 10.

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