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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Combo Charge & Sync USB-C and Micro USB Cable


Product part number: EP-DG930DWEGWW

Product reference: 66915

Charge and sync your Micro USB compatible devices or USB-C compatible Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus quickly and conveniently with this official combo cable from Samsung.

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Official Samsung Galaxy S6 Wireless Charging Pad - Black

Compatible with all USB-C devices

The cable is compatible with all devices with a USB-C connector, such as the HTC 10, Google Pixel and 2017 Galaxy A range to name but a few. With more and more devices now featuring a USB-C connection, this cable is able to provide your phone with blistering transfer and charging speeds.

Samsung Combo Charge & Sync USB-C and Micro USB Cable    Samsung Combo Charge & Sync USB-C and Micro USB Cable

Switch tip design for dual compatibility

Don't worry if your device features a Micro USB port, though - this cable's switch tip design ensures full compatibility with both Micro USB and USB-C, covering the vast majority of devices currently on the market. This also means you'll never be without a charge and sync cable, no matter where you go - and if friends and family need to borrow your cable, you'll almost always have the right connector.

Ultra fast data transfer

Suitable for syncing data between your phone and computer, this cable supports USB 3.1, providing extreme transfer speeds that allow you to quickly copy pictures, movies and much more.

Supports fast charging

While many older Micro USB and USB-C cables would support charging speeds of around 0.5 Amps, this Official Samsung Combo Cable can handle charging speeds of up to 3 Amps for vastly superior charging.

Official Samsung product

With this being a genuine Samsung cable, you can be assured of the highest quality and ultra reliability, as well as compatibility with your phone and all related accessories.

Samsung: Galaxy S9 Plus

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