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Krusell Sunne Huawei P20 Leather Case - Vintage Black

Krusell Sunne Huawei P20 Leather Case - Vintage Black


Product part number: 61369

Product reference: 67498

Krusell’s Sunne cover in black combines Nordic chic with Krusell’s values of sustainable manufacturing for the socially-aware Huawei P20 owner who wants an elegant genuine leather accessory.

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Sustainable, socially-responsible and Scandinavian design-inspired accessories

Despite being founded in 1991 and benefiting from an incredible growth, Krusell stays on track of their mission of enriching its customers' lives with high quality, minimalist and sustainable products. Due to the Krusell's forward-thinking and continous-improvement driven attitude, they have proven to able to innovate and improve their products and manufacturing processes, all of which drive the company towards the sustainability and success. Owning and using a Krusell case not only protects your phone, but also makes you part of the movement towards the socially-responsible and sustainable future!

Sleek, stylish and elegant design

This Krusell Sunne Leather Case for the Huawei P20 is sleek, stylish and elegant, fit for both social and professional use. The genuine leather used to craft it, as well as refined and sophisticated design that goes along with it, makes your brand new Huawei P20 look and stay classy in any setting.

Krusell Sunne Huawei P20 Leather Case - Vintage Black

Genuine leather for a professional finish

The smooth, high-grade genuine vintage leather just wraps around the back of the phone, making it a perfect option for anyone wishing to lend a prestige air to their brand new Huawei P20. As previously mentioned, the leather used to craft this case has been sourced and treated adhering to the highest social and environmental certifications, so you can rest assured about the quality and origins of this Krusell Sunne case.

Soft and protective lining

If you want to make sure your Huawei P20 remains in a brand new condition - feel at ease, as Krusell Sunne Leather case has an integrated soft and protective lining, which cushions your mobile phone, prevents surface scratching, and absorbs the shock upon the impact!

Designed specifically for the Huawei P20

Created with your Huawei P20 in mind, you can be sure this case offers a perfect design complete with all the necessary cut-outs for all the buttons and features of your mobile phone.

Huawei: P20

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