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4Smarts MultiCord 3.4A Micro USB & USB-C Car Charger - Black / Grey Reviews

Charge two devices simultaneously with the MultiCord 3.4A Car Charger from 4Smarts. With a hybrid design for convenience, charge either your Micro USB or USB-C devices using the same cable.
  • Mobile Fun ID 62008
20,99€ inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 5 customers

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Arrived on time and was everything I'd wanted
It was a present for my brother and he seemed pretty pleased with it.
Love it - and it has a compartment for you to keep the cable rolled up neatly.
Arrived on time and was everything I'd wanted
Device had multiple charging points, more than other devices which were more expensive
Wouldn't fit in charge socket through Lifeproof cover
At first I was disappointed because the phone plug wouldn't fit in the socket through my Lifeproof cover of my LG G5, however, I sliced some plastic off both long sides that hold the plug with a stanley knife and it fits, so now I am happy. so I would suggest the manufacturer make it less oval, more rectangle shape as the standard cable.

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