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Wirelessly charge your Qi compatible smartphone or tablet with the aircharge Slimline Qi Wireless Charging Pad. Extremely discrete and portable, the Slimline enables you to easily charge wirelessly in any environment.
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I find it useful but not had a chance to comment on it as yet
I would have liked a chance to read about it's uses ,& the difference from some other charges .
Thank you
Quality charger with plenty of power.
Virtually nil current draw in standby. Fitted via a permanent live in my Audi TT. Just lay my phone in the custom charging bay I made beside the armrest.
Good for the price
I have the Samsung fast charger but this is a good secondary option to have on a side table to keep your phone topping up.
A wireless charger that actually works with the leather case
Having tried several other chargers, I was beginning to despair of ever finding a charger that would work with a genuine leather case. This one actually worked! Very happy now...
Not bad
Expected this wireless charger to be more efficient but it often does its job. Sometimes the it actually drains the phone out instead of charging but luckily has happened on a very few occasions. It is good when place the phone at night before going to bed
Ideal size
Using as a wireless charging pad in my car, it’s an ideal fit in my Kadjar and works well.
Good product
Happy with product. My daughter says it works well
The wireless charger is what it says on the box. Not too bulky but rather sleek and it looks superb. Excellent price and it works a treat a a lot faster than normal charging.
Very good
It's fine
It seems fragile so if you want to be carrying it around all over the place I would buy something else. But if you just need something to sit in one place so you can put your phone on it to charge it up, it does the job. It isn't fast but doesn't claim to be.
It's fine.
Charging pad
It works really well
Works a treat on my Galaxy s7 which I don’t need to remove from the case. Brilliant service from MobileFun too.
It does what I require it to do - charge my iphone
Works well but not completely as advertised
The slim Qi wireless charging pad absolutely does charge our phones, but the LED that is to turn green when charged never does. Would be 5 stars if it did. Also don’t tell me we need options since we have two iPhone X.
Fast Shipment,
Fast Delivery great product
Works like a charm
In conjunction with my Aircharge iPhone case, the wireless charging pad is a breeze to use - no more fumbling with the small apple charging cord in the dark! A light on the side of the pad glows red to indicate that the phone is charging.
Use it in my car, works perfectly
Works well
I tried this charging pad along with the Maxfield Universal micro USB Qi wireless charging adapter on my Android phone. Charging pad worked very well. Simply place your device on the pad and it's charging.

I could see this as a handy, secondary charging base for any device with built-in wireless charging.
Charge pad
I have not received it yet so I am still waiting.
Great wireless charger
I received the Charging Pad in only 72 hours after I ordered it !!!! The Charging Pad has a red light to show when the phone has been placed correctly on the Pad and that the unit is charging. It is small enough to be unobtrusive but large enough to hold the phone flat. I 100% recommend this product to potential purchasers.
My Iphone 7 is not charging
Hi I bought two of these and both are not charging my iphone 7. These items were listed as compatible with the 7. am not doing something right?
MobileFun Reply

The iPhone 7 doesn't feature built-in Qi wireless charging, so you would need a Qi wireless adapter that plugs into the Lightning port or a Qi wireless charging compatible case.

Hope this helps.
Doesn't always work
Tried using Mozo case on my 950XL. Kept cycling on and off charge with an annoying beep. Tried a higher power port to no avail.
Would not recommend this product
Received this in the post just yesterday and it charges for a max of ONE SECOND and that's it nothing!!!!!!!!!!!
Would not recommend this at all. U expect for that money that it would at least charge but no

Not a bit impressed
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ashy

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this accessory. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate the issue further as this seems very strange.
Works very well and very convenient. Have managed to tidy up cord so not unsightly
Works very well and very convenient. Have managed to tidy up cord so not unsightly
although it's specified in the description I find the wireless charger quite slow. Just getting used to using it. It will be good to have it as I am planning to buy other accessories (speakers) that are wireless charging as well.
although it's specified in the description I find the wireless charger quite slow. Just getting used to using it. It will be good to have it as I am planning to buy other accessories (speakers) that are wireless charging as well.
Amazing product!
This product is perfect! Works great with my apple 6 air charge case. Company had it to me in no time!! I have never been happier!
Easy to use
Arrived super fast - allows us to wireless charge our iPhone 6's in our home and our 2016 chevy Silverado - pretty neat and unique we love it and are th first of our friends and family with this feature!!
First class item
The Aircharge slimline Qi wireless charging pad worked fine on my Galaxy Note 3 phone with no problems, I recommend this item.
Good to buy
Very good product, received in timely manner
5 star
Very happy with the purchase. Highly recommended and for what it's worth, it's a gadget to must have. No fuss just place the device on top and off you go... Brilliant item and it arrived earlier than expected. Will use this company again...
Works in a desk
It works as described, But it kept getting in the way on the desk, So I decided to sink it into the desk with the help of a router and a few holes within the cutout to help in cooling. So now the phone is out of pocket onto desk and slid over the charger. Wonderfull.
Has made my day

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