Olixar High Power HTC 10 Car Charger Reviews

Keep your HTC 10 fully charged on the road with this compatible Olixar high power dual USB 3.1A Car Charger with an included high quality USB to USB-C charging cable.
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Got the charger and cable so I can use my phone as a sat nav and keep it charged
Got the charger and cable so I can use my phone as a sat nav and keep it charged,it works brilliantly and of course mobilefun had it in stock at a good price and delivered it within a couple of days great service as usual.
HTC quick charger A*
So I thought I would try an alternative product as HTC didn't offer what I needed. The innovative quick car charger by Olixar definitely beats my expectations. Coming with 3 ports and a lengthy cable - this item charges up my new HTC in no time which is useful when using battery draining navigation apps on the go. The charger is more expensive then similar ones on a popular auction site however the difference in quality is definitely apparent with the glossy black finish and premium packaging. Delivery was swift so can't knock the service either. Recommended!
Good product, functional and fast service :)
I knew that I was going to be going on very long distance roadtrip and I had just gotten the HTC 10 phone. I discovered that it has a new and completely different charging port than any other Recent HTC phones, so I knew that I HAD to buy a new car charger and cord for my phone. I can't even explain How many times I used the cord and Port for the cord. It was pretty much constantly used, always charged my phone rather quickly no matter how often I was using GPS or data. Both worked phenomenally!
Great Deal
I looked around for this one and compared many sites... This was the best deal and the quality of the product was as advertised. Thank you!!

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