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Olixar inVent Mini Portable Universal Air Vent Smartphone Car Holder Reviews

A superb portable car mount for almost all smartphones, attaching to any vehicle air vent and holding your phone steady and in clear view. It also acts as a viewing stand. Compact and weighing next to nothing, you can take this with you anywhere.
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11,99€ inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 154 customers

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Great product
I had high hopes for this product but it really is great and I am really pleased with it. No hassle to attach to air vent and really simple to use.
Work perfectly with Huawei P20
Great product!
Tried in three different cars and works very well. Am going to buy two more for my son and daughter.
This is a clever little gadget that works well.
Really good
I did not expect it to be as good as it is its very easy to use and install, highly recommended
Good choice
Although my car doesn't have the horizontal vents that some cars have, I was prepared to gamble that this little gadget could work for me. Result ! I was able to attach it to the vent with its great little clip. Very pleased.
Perfect little product - stable, holds my iPhone 6 nicely, tried it in 3 different cars so far, and have now bought a second one for my wife's car. Good value as well.
Great little product, does just the job
All good
Good stuff, small portable expands to fit phone.. does what it says on the tin.
I brought this product and it broke
I brought this product and it broke within the first week of having it o would recomend it
good product
Simple but effective. East to use and arrived promptly.
Good but doesn’t work in my mini
Maybe the phone is too big, not sure, but it doesn’t work for me sadly. Seems like a good product though.
Very Useful
Smart and practical! Holds my phone without any trouble!
Ordering one more
Exactly as advertised, I’m now ordering one for my husband
Oligarchs Mimi vent car holder
I bought three of these car holders for myself and my family. They work very well. The phones we used with the Mini car holders are iPhones and iPhone plus. My family love this product. The price of this product was very reasonable. I would recommend this product to all my friends and family
Simple little gadget and very easy to install with one hand
How user friendly it was to install and operate
Good Quality Item
Well made and functional phone holder. I use it to hold a review trailer camera. Arrived within 3 days of ordering.
Excellent value for money
Holds my Phone
A simple yet sturdy phone holder for my car and which clips to the heater vents. Adjustable for portrait or landscape orientation of my One Plus 6 Phone.
Really pleased with this - so small & simple. Really easy to pop phone in & easy to attach. Fast delivery.
A little wobbly on some vents
Great product
Simple and works great - I always go for Olixar
seems ok
Seems to be working ok. Would have liked to know the maximum width that the device could accommodate ( have had to change my phone cover)
This is a well made, sturdy holder. Holds the phone securely, grips well. Definitely, recommend.
Nice and neat!
Thanks to a special offer, I received 2 holders, so was going to have one for my car , and one for my husband's car. Unfortunately, the vents on my car (Evoque) did not allow my phone (Samsung S8 plus) to sit safely in the holder, so only my husband got the benefit of my purchase!
Simple, compact, no fuss
I have been looking for something like this to mount in my car. Super simple and compact design and fits my phone (~ 5-inch display) very nicely. Just make sure to have a fairly sturdy air vent to affix it to.
Better than good
Its nice, smal and does it job. It just leans to one side, by the weight of the phone,but its very minor
Simply excellent
A product you think is to simple to work but it works excellently and is easy to move from car to car
Great little gadget
Ideal. Holds my samsung a3 perfectly
Phone holder
Good price, works well and is compact
Excellent mount
Excellent mount
Bought as a replacement to a different, similar but much more expensive mount
Equally as good Holds the phone solidly and easily
Grips the vent well
Would recommend
Great product
Does exactly what it was bought for at a great price. Should have got one years ago.
Simple does what you would expect
Good value product, easy to use, holds the phone in place and easy to position to read the screen.
I thought the website explained everything I needed to know
I thought the website explained everything I needed to know
fantastic bit of kit
this is for a second vehicle and is a great improvement on one i purchased a few years ago, it sits well on the ventilation grill and doesn't move with an old iPhone in it which weighs more than the modern ones.
excellent price, service and delivery
A surprisingly effective device
MobileZap were having a lot of trouble sourcing a particular usb-c adapter for me. I contacted them and asked if I could change the order to this mini adapter instead and they complied instantly even ignoring the small price discrepancy in my favour. THAT'S SERVICE! Initially I didn't have high expectations for this holder but was very pleasantly surprised. It holds my wife's iPhone6 easily and securely. I will be making MobileZap my 'go to' site for all things communications from now on.
Good product for a good price.
I read that most cell phone holders don't hold the phone properly. It either wobbles or the phone falls. This holder fits great with a case on the phone and it easily adjusts.
Great gadget
Slots neatly into the air vent, though it has to be put in the right place, otherwise the weight of the phone points it downward!
A very good clamp
i have gone through atleast 6 different type of clamps for phone in car. lots of money thrown away, and then this comes along !! time for tactical facepalm !! the simplest solution was the best solution all along !!
Best ever
The blogs told me what I needed to know . It will suit all air vent, without creating damage a snug fit, iPhone perfectly safe
Better than anticipated
Simple but it works !
This smartphone holder does not extend enough to hold my IPhone 8 in the 'landscape' position . However , it does hold the phone securely as shown above making it easy to see Google Maps as you drive .
It is easy to place in the air vent - small uncomplicated piece of kit !
Simple & well executed
Simple concept, well executed.

A smidgen loose in that it moves a little with vehicle vibration, but I'm comparing to my trusty home made bulldog clip based contraption which is much bigger and less attractive!

Works well even with my pop socket stuck to my phone case - which other holders struggle with.

Mazda 3 has little dashboard space, and the windscreen is too far away for easy access, so this is perfect.
Nearly perfect
Simple, inexpensive gadget which appears to do what it sets out to do. Only issue is that the weight of the phone can tend to 'drag' the screen down a bit. But good value - especially for the money.
Useful rotating facility, fits my vehicle, it works.
Does what it is supposed to do
This fits the air vent perfectly without taking up a lot of room.
Because it rotates 360 degrees there is a tendency for the phone to move from the vertical position hence 4stars not 5.
Generally pleased with it.
Not bad at all
This device fits the air vent quite nicely and the tension in the phone holder itself is good enough to hold a large iPhone without it wobbling about, overall good value for money.
The phone feels secure
This simple, effective, unobtrusive little gadget fits my Moto4plus perfectly. The phone feels secure and a bonus was that I received two in the pack.
Very handy. I can use my phone for sat nav now. Would highly recommend
So far so good!
I was worried this would not be strong enough to hold the phone. It is perfect! I like how it works and when I travel and need to rent a car I can just put this in my purse and it is easy to have handy!
Excellent Little Gadget
Fits perfectly on one of the car vents and holds my mobile as illistrated online, I am delighted with it.
Olixar phone holder
It works ok but will not work in my Citroen c3 Picasso the vent can’t hold it up so it won’t work on every car
olixar in vent phone holder
found the product to be good and very useful thank you
Works quite well for the money
The air vent is quite good works fine on my one plus phone
Easy and practical to use
Does what it says it does
Very good
I read the reviews, knew what I was ordering and was very happy with the product.
Very good
Works perfectly
Great bit kit
So far so good and work landscape to would buy again ????????????
Holds my phone
Have tried in 2 different vehicles and so far so good hasn’t dropped my phone even though I’ve driven on bumpy surfaces - I have iPhone 6, easily adjustable so I’m confident it would work just as well for other phones. Worth the money. I have turned off the air to the vent I am using to prevent over heating/excessive low temperature for the phone. No problem with also charging the phone and/or using headphones whilst using the holder.
Good buy!
It's a simple and easy product to use and install. Easily detachable to use from vehicle to vehicle.
Pleased with the product
No need for magnets .... fits all phones
Very pleased
Nothing to change
One of the best
What a great little phone holder. Holds the phone well and is adjustable to fit most phones. The best part though is that when fitted to the air vent it stays put, doesn't drop out or slide around like some of the other ones.
Good piece of kit !!
Fits the air vents of my old Corolla perfectly and hold the iPhone se snugly. Recommended !!!
Nifty zero fuss gizmo
What took so long to try these out? Well made, sleek solid design, fuss free phone holding - who needs expensive dash navigation when you can easily use your phone...
Great Device
The device works as it should and gives you the security and sturdiness that you require.
Surprisingly Good!
Very easy to fit, holds tightly, small enough to fit in your pocket.
Simple, effective and just the job
Great little holder
If it holds well to the air vents .
It does .
Great product
Does what it says on the tin. Fast delivery. Easy to install
Very good
Really pleased with this as it is.not.on window. Xxx
I haven't used it much yet - but it seems a very neat and robust bit of kit. Not suitable for larger model phones.
Simple but effective.
I’ve had problems with previous vent models. This worked surprisingly well. It is very small and is left in place. It is very expensive for what it is but it works.
It holds a very large phone in place quite well. The strong spring takes some effort to fit this large phone.
The grip to the vents is good, reducing vibration of the phone. The grip of the phone is firm and of variable size. The unit is simple and small. It appears to be robust. Bravo!

Best for car vents which are not too diagonal to the shape of the car as there is limited ability to rotate left and right.

All in all a great product.
It fits
Small and neat, seems to be suitable for purpose. The holder fits easily into the airvent in a Citroen Picasso.
Absolute rubbish. Just doesn't work with the weight of a smart phone. Tried it on 3 different cars and had no secure grip on any of the vents.
Same as short review. RUBBISH!
Does what it says on the tin, annoyed I didn't buy one years ago.
Not universal
I have a fiesta 2007 and it does not have conventional air vents as advertised in the picture so the holder does not sit correctly. It is at an angle (not a problem) but because the air vent moves the phone does - I can still use it but not what I thought it would be. The grip is extremely good though.
Great little gadget at a good price
Olixar in vent phone holder is perfect for use my mk6 golf
Good purchase
Works well and does exactly what i hoped. Would recommend. It also extends so it fits the phone with a case on it.
I have tried other phone car holders that continually fall off my windscreen. This product is simple and terrific, attaches to my car's airvent, holds my iPhone 7 easily, and is so easy to put in and remove from the car. Can highly recommend. The product also arrived quickly after purchase, thanks!
Very good holder
I love this little car phone holder. It fits very nicely into the air vent and is so handy to remove, attach phone and put back into grille.
The only negative I have with this product is that after a few times pulling it out the rubber rotational part came unstuck. I eventually had to superglue it back on but then lost the rotational feature. But I don't mind too much as I usually just use my phone in portrait mode. But if Mobile Fun were able to make the rotational part from coming off that would make this a perfect 5 product. So for that reason alone I am reducing my rating to 4.
I have 2 of them btw.
Functional should fit most mobiles
It feels a sturdy device and grips my vertical (ford focus) vents well. The grip on the phone is also very good. If the phone is set too high it can wobble slightly, between the clicks. It rotates 360 degrees with small click positions. I would by another.
Works well
Light weight, easy to use. Holds phone nice and tight
Air vent holder serves it’s purpose well
The air vent smartphone holder is small and discreet but holds my smartphone well.
works well
Late model vehicles only
Great for my BMW but not the old land cruiser as the vent spaces are too small to push into vents which is a pity because no Bluetooth in land cruiser
Great little gadget that does the job
Great grip and functionality.
Works well and functions as i thought it would. Only issue is that it slowly rotates to one side due to the weight of the phone. Apart from that it is a great product.
Excellent product
Great design of phone holder that doesnt get in the way
Excellent product, as described.
I am very happy with this simple phone holder.
Easy to use and take with you if travelling in a different car.

Works best with straight air vents.

Still works on vents at an angle and with large screen phones this is not really a problem.
Invent portable phone holder
Holds phone firmly enough for it to not loose the phone. Doesn’t stick out too far and small enough not to get in way
Excellent holder, phone doesn’t move and is easy remove when leaving the vehicle
Great product
Brilliant simple idea and is well made. Works much better than I expected. Excellent service too.
Simple and effective - does what it is meant to do.
This product turned out to be sturdier than expected. It fits snugly onto the vent and the phone can be fitted into the expandable grip quite easily. I've also used the grip to hold a sat nav unit which could be adjusted easily for best viewing angle. This product has worked well on both vertical and horizontal vents - well worth the money !
Simple gadget but useful
Since Google maps runs rings most Satnavs this makes a Samsung Galaxy4 a superb GPS
Simple but great value
Light weight, rotates and good price.
Beautifully simple idea, works well, very pleased, excellent service
Beautifully simple idea, works well, very pleased, excellent service. you will sell plenty of these.
Simple and clever design
No licking no sticking carry it in your pocket for use in any vehicle slot into air vent its that easy you can load the phone 1 handed with the spring loaded design, I have used it with the I phone + model with ease great piece of kit great value especially on the two for one offer plenty of friends no buying
Cheap, practical and indispensable
Bought for use in a motorhome rented in France; worked perfectly with a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and was indispensable for gps use
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