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Olixar MacBook Pro 13 with Touch Bar Complete Screen Protector Pack Reviews

Keep your MacBook 13's main display and OLED Touch Bar in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector pack. The complete solution for protecting both your MacBook's display and the Touch Bar.
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 4.7 stars from 7 customers

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Very good customer service plus cheaper and good quality
Fits well - was easy to apply . Recommended for MacBook Pro
Worth investing in this product provides a layer of protection for MacBook Pro touchbar 2017 laptop screen as well as touchbar screen. Little fiddly to put on the small home screen button but other than it’s not an expensive item and worth buying if you are concerned about scratches or damage to your Apple laptop screens etc.
Easily the best purchase decision I've made. This product came highly recommended by friends because of it's ease of application and durability. It fit onto my screen perfectly and didn't leave any pockets of air. I'm planning on buying a couple more since screen protectors this good are hard to find. Don't hesitate just buy!
Perfect fit for Mac 13 screen
The screen protector was really great. There were 2 for the screen, and 2 for the touch bar. Perfect fit for the screen, however, had to use the 2nd one as I failed to remove all the dust from the screen in my first try. But once installed, it covered the entire screen nicely.

The touch bar protector was also a perfect, and it didn't affect the sensitivity at all. Overall I'm happy with the product.
Nice for the price
After researching screen protectors for the new macbook pro and coming up empty, I came upon the Olixar screen protector. Unable to find any reviews online or alternatives, I pulled the trigger. For the price, it is a fairly nice screen protector and is barely noticeable when the screen is on but a difference can be felt on the touchbar - giving it a rougher, less fluid texture. The ease of installation was approximately a 3 out of 5 with bubbles constantly forming (there are still a few that did not come out) and flaws in the screen protector itself. The touch id protector was discarded in its entirety as it did not stay put and slid around. The screen protector fits fairly well but does not fit perfectly with the touch id protector fitting nicely but not covering the entire bar as the boardering edges are still uncovered. Overall, I would rather it be a better quality than come with two screen protectors but for the price, I cannot complain. It is a good value and does it's job. Personally, I prefer power support screen protectors however one for the new macbooks does not exist currently.
The screen guard arrived in great condition, and once applied, it is perfect for the MacBook. The material is nice and it is almost impossible to leave any fingerprint marks on it, which is good because the screen itself catches fingerprint marks very easily.

All in all it is great, however, it would be better if the instructions on how to install it were more elaborate. Otherwise, great product!

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