Olixar Magnetic Windscreen & Dash Mount Universal Car Holder Reviews

Dock your smartphone effortlessly and with precision thanks to the Universal Magnetic Windscreen & Dash Mount from Olixar. Extremely easy to install and fully case compatible, this really is the best way to view your phone while you drive.
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as advertised
i recommend this unit, it's well designed and does the job
It is a sticky adhesive mount - so could not use on hire car
It is not suction but adhesive and so I felt unabvle to use on the hire car - so it has gone unused. I am not sure about the magnet too but then I did not use
Well built, highly versatile. Let down badly by adhesive mount
This windscreen mount seemed to tick all my boxes to allow me to hard wire a device into my car. The Olixar mount is well made and appears strong, Howe ever it is totally let down by the very fewer adhesive on the metal discs. No matter what I did magnet pulled disc off my device every time. Even tried super glue. Nope, magnet is stronger than it. Shame it could be great. Yes it did try 3M, no go. Having to resort to finding alternative mechanical fitting to complement the Olixar mount.
I’ve tried all sorts of different phone holders and this is by far the best. Really easy to fit, really easy to use. No need to fiddle with awkward release buttons or catches.
Good value
Easy to install and use.
Works well
Had no problems with it and it's very versatile
Excellent phone mount
Does exactly what website says it would. Easy to fit holds phone very well easy to adjust.
Just what we needed
I bought 2 of these for use in both cars. It has made it so much easier to securely mount our phones of different sizes. The mount is easy to fix and secures really well.
really good and easy to use
Easy to set up and use. It works as i should, and sticks to my slightly curved VW dashboard perfectly, without coming detached even once.

One minor quibble would be that the magnet could do with being a bit stronger; I have an iPhone 6s, and it sometimes moves around on the mount. Easy enough to straighten, but this might be more of an issue for bigger/heavier phones.
A solid performer
I had concerns as to how strong the unit was and if it held my device securely. No worries as it clings to the windscreen like a limpet and feel happy it won't let go of my device sending it bouncing through the car.
Used once . . .
I got this specifically for use in Spain, so it's yet to be used there. However, I have used it once here in UK & found it to be ideal.
Brilliant product
Very happy with the holder.
the perfect car mount
the best car mount out there, for me. I've had few and this one is the smallest and yet very nice and super functional. I use with my S10 and works great. thank you
Well made and easy to install.
I have an apple iPhone S6 plus and it seems a little heavy for the magnet and bounces about a lot.
Does what it says
Great item quick and easy to assemble... phone stays put.. “does exactly what it says on the tin “
Very good quality, strong and most important for me is not shaking during drive .
Very good
The size of the magnets.
Very Good Product
After extensive research this is just what I wanted. The order came very quickly.
I set this up with one metal plate between my Galaxy S7 Edge and it's case.
After setup which was on my car dashboard I learned early on after hitting a pothole that the small round metal plate provided did not give sufficient strength of magnetism and the phone fell to the floor.
After replacing the small round metal plate with the larger rectangular plate provided I have had no further trouble, although am careful to avoid potholes if possible.
Also I took the precaution of enclosing the metal plate in it's plastic bag in which it came in order to avoid any possible scratching of the back of my phone in the event of any movement of the plate between the cover and the phone.
Very satisfied!
Seems like a decent unit for the money.
Mount appears to attach to windscreen easily and effectively. Very simple to stick the metal plate required for magnetic attachment to the soft protective case of my mobile phone. The option to be able to magnetically attach the phone in either landscape (satnav) or portrait (phone) at will is what caught my attention and it appears to work very well. Not being able to test the unit on the road as of yet I cannot vouch for how well it stays attached but the magnet seems strong and appropriate.
Good product
A smart piece of kit. Neat and well designed.
Takes up relatively little space with versatile positioning.
A value item.
Good quality, reasonable price
Seems to be well made. Sticks to the windscreen well and holds my phone steady. Have used for a few weeks now with no problems
Good product i would have given it a 5 but the rectangle magnet has little glue compared to the circle one due to which it doesn't stick to the phone and comes off
Great holder
good suction, steady mount which is what I'm looking for to use for video recording on the racetrack.
did take a long time to arrive, but I wasn't in a rush.
good product
used only once, but feel very easy to use, and quite lighter. compare other product
Great holder
Very strong and reliable.
Quality product
I looked at a lot of different types of holders and due to good reviews decided on this one. My husband and I both have had one in our cars for a couple of weeks now. They are sticking very well to the windscreen and the magnets are strong enough to hold the phone in place even on bumpy roads!
It is a good product for the price and we are happy with our purchase.
Provides a rock solid base - easy to use
Loved it!
Certainly worth the price!
Spot on
Very sturdy on windscreen and magnet is great.
I’m a truck driver and have had a few phone holders but this one is by far the best yet.
magnetic phone mount.
Wanted a windscreen mount with security of placement. This product is the most secure I have come across for windscreen suction and the magnetic function is simple and very effective
Received today, installed in minutes - Went for a drive (inc a bumpy drive too) to test it out and the phone never moved at all! Extremely easy to attach and detach the phone.
Defo deserve 6 star!
easy to use
Easy to install and works a treat. Thank you.
Robust and compact
This is the best design of mount. I have bought three of them, one for each vehicle.
This magnetic holder is a great bit of kit.
No vibration movement of the phone whilst traveling, easily applied and holds really firm.
Highly recommended for using your mobile for navigation 10/10.
Great windscreen/dash holder
Good reviews matched to my requirement
Holds the phone perfectly and works really well. Other holders I've had kept falling off the window, the suction cup wasn't great but this one is excellent.
Works as expected
Not suited for phones with glass on the back
It is good idea for a phone holder, but it does not work with my phone. My Honor 8 has a glass on the back. The metal plate, which comes with holder get undone each time I want to detach my phone from holder. It stays in place only because of mu phone case. I tried to put stronger double tape on metal rectangular plate, but still no good. By the way, the amount of tape on rectangular metal plate, which comes with holder is ridiculously small. That is why I am giving only 2 starts.
Dashboard mobile phone holder
Love this product as it works exactly as I'd hoped. Perfect!
Excellent value
I was worried about the heat and how the mount would hold- after a week of 90+ degrees, the mount is as sturdy as the day I installed it. Easy to use, easy to remove my phone. I spent a lot of time looking for the right cell phone holder and am very happy I selected this one.
At my friends house
I am sorry I can not review at present as I had it delivered to my friend in the UK, unfortunately his trip is postponed so I will not get my hands on the phone holder until later in the month.
Good value - does the job!
The web site told me everything I needed to know.
Love it! It works wonderful! Recommended!
Works really well
This is much better than the last phone holder I had which had jaws enclosing the phone. The magnetic discs attached to the device and the phone are much more stable and I am more confident the phone will remain where I want it.... an excellent product
Thickness of phone case could affect magnets if putting them inside and not sticking on outside.
Excellent Phone Holder and great Price
I've used this now for a week and I'm really impressed. The suction is really sticky to the screen and hasn't slipped at all. The magnetic side of it is really well designed. I've used it by fitting the thin magnet inside the phone case which doesn't bulk it out and it does hold it, again with no slipping. I did try it on my dash and it did fall down but that could've been my own fault. Overall this is a great holder at a very good price.
Great little gadget
Works extremely well - should have got one years ago!
Excellent tool
This has worked as a charm for our family. Purchased one for each of our vehicles...both my wife & I use them all the time!
Best currently available
This is by far the best holder I've ever tried (and I've tried a great many) It is stable, secure and easy to use even with a large-(ish) phone like the S7
Installed one in my wife's car and one in mine. brilliant
Wouldn't recommend with plus size smartphones
Magnet not strong enough to hold in place, using a razer phone with rugged case, will tilt to one side and eventually falls off... Wouldn't recommend with any plus size phone, works great with anything else
very good
I bought this as my other holder got lost. I chose this after reading other reviews and so far have been very pleased with it. The actual windscreen mount is one of the strongest I have come across, it really does stick to the window, and does take a bit of effort to remove it when changing vehicles. The magnet does its job, in fact on one occasion the magnet stayed on the mount when i removed the phone from the holder and I had to re-attach it to the back of the phone. Maybe that was my fault. On the whole a great bit of kit and yes I would recommend it.
Used/Tested in Corsa n Merc
Got this after the vent Olixar did not work for my corse beacuse the vents are too weak to hold it up; so i got this to try on the car's windscreen or dash. the couple of times i have used it works good and i can access the phone to change music or answer a call without looking down at the phone like i did before. therfore safer. just need more time to really see if it works longe term.
Corsa - works on my dash and windscreen; driver side
Merc - put it near auto gear knob; center console
Great product
Super strong magnet and sticker - easy to install and holds the heavy iphone 7plus with ease - can now use my phone without it flying off the dash every 5 minutes - should have bought one years ago!!
Delivery was within 24 hours of order - v impressed.
Brilliant piece of kit.
I have tried numerous phone mounts to date. They have been too cumbersome, not held phone securely, awkward to use or, if mounted on the dashboard they required a oart to be glued on.
This new obe, though, is fantastic. You can literally mount it anywhere and it stays put. Also, removal is easy, clean and quick.
I am considering buying more to give to my family as presents.
Works as described
After using many different types of dash mount, decided to try a magnetic one. Glad I did, as it holds my S7 (in a Case Mate cover) firmly without wobbling, and the roads around where I live aren't exactly smooth. Easy to apply the base to my dashboard, and the phone is easy to place, and remove. I have found the smaller round pad works better than the larger rectangular one, but it still holds well.
It's a Great buy definitely recommend
so far I am happy with this product as it has done what it says.
P.s I am using this for my Note 8
Not good
It is just garbage I hate this product my money was wasted
MobileFun Reply
Hi Muhammad

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Can you please let us know exactly what the problem is so we can look into this for you. As you can see from other reviews, this is rated very highly typically.
Great little gadget. Holds my iPhone 7 plus with ease
Great product
This phone mount is just great so easy to put on and take of mount but phone would definitely not fall off. I would recommend this item.
Compact, light, will stick to practically anything. Best feature is ability to use my mobile phone as a dash cam.
Great product, great service!
This mount is fab. It has the newer vacuum sucker on which means it can be attached to the dash (embossed surface) and even on curved areas. I put mine on a reasonable sharp curve and there's no wobble to speak of and it's holing in place well with an iPhone 7 Plus so a large phone. I had tried one from elsewhere but the magnet was very poor and did not hold the phone securely. The Olixar secures the phone well.
Excellent tool
Adheres to surface really well and the magnetic head is strong, holding phone, satnav etc yet items can be removed easily. Definitely recommended.
Great product!
Spent a long time searching the internet for a product that would allow me to use my phone as sat nav, previously products not been strong enough to hold my iPhone 6 Plus or had fiddly buttons to release the phone! This product looks much neater on my windscreen and is virtually covered once my phone is in place. The sucker also has a gel like material so no need to wet it to stick to the windscreen. This not only stops the swirly marks but has a great hold. I have the magnetic provide (2 magnets included) between my phone and case as didn't want to permantly stick this to my phone and it holds really well, it does need to be firmly fixed though as the magnet will move if not attached securely. Would highly recommend this product. Great price too!
Dose what it is supposed to do.
I am fully satisfied with the product and will be recommending it to friends and family.
The Oliver Magnetic Windscreen Mount is great. It is small and compact, a big bonus. But the magnet system even holds my large Huawei Mate 8! And it is so easy to attach and unattached your for with the magnets! Perfect.
A really good product, holds my phone easily and extremely easy to use. I like it a lot.
Really good product, very easy to use and practical.
Excellent product and service
Looked online for phone holder , had a query re the magnetic capabilities having a case on the i phone 6 plus , contacted the support online came back with answer literally in 1 minute with reassurances that it will work , product ordered and delivered in no time,Love the web site layout and presentations will well done guys , plenty more gadgets to be purchased from you
I would reccomend this to anyone looking for a mount for phones
Mobile fun as usual quick delivery and a perfect product as described on the website. As the new law for not using phone whilst driving this is perfect to put on the dash right in front of you to use gps/sat nav. The mount sticks on perfectly without falling off. It is magnetic and in my opinion its better than most windscreen mounts. I would reccomend this to anyone looking for a mount for phones.
Brilliant product and good value too
This comes with 2 metal plates so you can use for 2 phone. Also the suction cup has has silicon which means it can stick to virtually any surface
Great product
This car mobile holder is excellent there's no claws or clamps to get in the way or to alter you just stick the phone on the magnetic base and of you go. Putting a charger in to your phone there's nothing to get in the way
Fantastic phone holder the best I've ever bought have bought two more since for daughter and a friend
Good delivery. Does the job as reported.
Good works well
Does just what it says on the box.
Very useful.
A very useful gadget to securely hold any device - phone, satnav whatever. Easy to fix and use. Items can be readily attached and removed and while attached can be rotated to any desired position. Thoroughly recommended.
Searched for a long time to find an easy fit that doesn't wobble.
Excellent well made solid product. Search over!
The best car phone holder
Absolutely brilliant car phone holder. My dash has a stippled effect but the sucker adhered perfectly first time and has not come off as yet. Both the magnet and sucker both stick ridgedly to the dash without wobling or moving whilst going over speed bumps etc. Great quality product I was so happy I bought another one.
Really great will shop there again
It was great
Great Product
Great product & customer service from this organisation will definately be ordering more products from them.
The product & service was first rate, will be ordering more products from this company which i've done in the past.
This is a really good phone holder nicely designed and small and compact
Good but has a major flaw
The product performs exactly as described. I've only had it less than a week at this point but no issues with the mounting. I was worried about the magnet not fitting under the backplate of my phone however that was a non issue.

I do have a couple of issues with this however. One, which could be easily improved on has to do with the windscreen clearance. If you have a decent sized phone you may need to have the magnet slightly above center for it to fit. In that case using the keyboard at the bottom of the screen (pushing) may cause the phone to fall off.

Another major problem I had was that the magnet seems to affect the GPS signal of my phone. Since navigating was the main reason I decided to mount my phone on the windscreen it is very frustrating. I'm going to play around and see if I can get around this somehow.
This is by far the best mobile car holder. It works by a simple magnet attached to your mobile or to a case. The base sits on the dash board comfortably and when the mobile is attached to it its very sturdy even on bumpy roads. There is no faffing about trying to get it into a spring bound cradle you just slap it on the base and you are ready to go!
Fantastic product
Fantastic product it does what it says it stays where it should and holds my phone perfectly no matter what very reasonably priced buy this you won't regret it.
Not happy. Magnet not strong enough.phone rotates on holder and drops off
Very disappointed. While driving the phone rotates all over the place and then drops off of the holder. Waste of money
MobileFun Reply
Hi Daniel

Sorry to hear you are having problems with your item. Please ensure the magnet is not blocked out by a large case and that the nut on the holder is tight.

If you are still having problems, please contact our Customer Services team.
Oxilar magnetic car holder
Car holder fixed solidly to the dash of the car, small metal disc fitted to the inside of the phone cover via a adhesive patch. Easy to now mount the phone securely and rotate to view in portrait or landscape very easily. Made up with this purchase.
Should work for many phones
Not sure designers adequately considered the potential adverse affects on wireless chargers. The metal stick on disks clearly modify the magnetic field coupling to the coil in the phone back cover, therefore the magnetic coupled charging function is adversely affected.

Don't know if the designers considered this type of charger when designing the product.

It will work fine as far as holding any phone.
great product
This struck me as being a great product, most vehicles have that bobbely plastic that you cant fix a suction cup to. so for the first type I got it stuck fast (really good) but removing the phone put a lot of strain on it. this one sticks just as good but has a magnet holder which can rotate the unit great for the navigator. Two metal tabs for the phone one can go inside your case the other type sticks to the outside of the phone. good but it depends how sticky the metal tab is. Overall a great product.
Stuck like sticky stuff
What a great phone holder! I bought the device so I could use my phone as a Sat-Nav. It was easy to put on the dash and the phone just attaches straight on like glue with the magnet in the phone case. Unfortunately I discovered my company phone has no 3G..... But I know that when I do find my way home my phone will still be on the dash!
No complaints about its effectiveness
It's seems a very effective at keeping its suction. Also highly effective at keeping the mobile device secure. And also very iOS value for money.
Not quite good enough
The holder itself is great, but as I have to put the metal plate inside a cover on the phone, it is not quite strong enough to secure it and it does slide off after some time. The case I use is double skinned so I placed the metal part in between both layers to reduce the distance between the plate and magnet it still slips (phone is too heavy, other smaller phones would be fine.)

However strange as it seems, the circular adhesive plate supplied had been used! So not an option for me to try this method.
Nice product
This product is perfect for my car (Ford Fiesta) Mounts in the centre of the dash where many others struggled to maintain a grip.
The only downside is that the metal tag that inserts inside a case, to enable contact with the magnet, blocks the wireless charging (and NFC) while the phone is in the case. It's not a major issue for me as I don't find it a hardship to connect a cable, but it may be for some.
The phone is easy to place and remove with no effort required, yet it holds solidly during journeys.
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