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Olixar OmniHolder Universal Case Compatible Phone Car Holder Mount Reviews

Keep your phone or MP3 player securely mounted to your car's windscreen or dashboard. The OmniHolder's versatile design ensures a secure fit with an ideal viewing angle in either portrait or landscape positions. Compatible with most phones (80mm width).
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Hold is strong but not easy to fix phone in holder
Good: Very strong grip. Phone remains safe no matter how bad the road condition
Bad: Need two hands to fix your phone in the holder. If you are someone who uses it often, I don’t recommend
Very flexible
Holds my Samsung S8 tightly but also fits the bigger iPhone 6. Attaches really well to Windows and to dash with the supplied adhesive plate. Turns in all directions.
Slightly difficult to get to stick the first time but once it sticks it’s great
Will not stick to glass
Very neat concept and would have done the job really well - but the suction pad simply does not work (and, yes, I do rotate the locking mechanism fully). Disappointing.
Awesome little gadget
Love this little item
Does what it says easy to fit 10/10
Very pleased with it.
Photos & description

Seems to do what it says on the can!
The suction clip initially kept becoming unstuck but after perseverance and cleaning both surfaces it now has a secure bond.
The mount is easy to use and can be adapted to the angle you want so I am happy with this product.
Doesn't stick to the dashboard
The holder doesn't glue properly to the dashboard
Actually works!
Nothing. It does what it says.
Would never buy again
Super cheap won't hold phone in place, (Google pixel 2 xl) broke removing from glass. Unlocked the lock and pulled from glass and the pad broke out from the back of plastic.
does not stick to dashboard
Whether it actually sticks on dashboards or if it sticks to particular dashboards
A great phone holder. When not in use you fold it together. I bought this one as second one to have one in my car and the other in my truck. You can turn twist or what so ever in any direction. Also the foot plate for on the dashboard sticks perfect. For me no other.
Good suction cup
Good piece of kit except for the ball joint which is so slack it would not maintain an angle to view my iPhone from the dashboard
Great product
Does what you want it to. You must make sure you turn the dial fully or it falls off.
Not Suitable For Galaxy/Iphone
Bought one for myself to be used with a Galaxy S9 and one for my wife with an IPhone. Both phone are too heavy and wide for this mount. When I squeeze the Galaxy into the mount the arm just collapses under the weight.
Definitely the worst mount I have purchased and will be replaced asap.
Should be a note saying definitely not suitable for Galaxy S9
MobileFun Reply
Hi Clive

We have tested the Omniholder ourselves and it holds iPhones and Samsung phones absolutely fine. Please make sure you are using the suction cups clamp correctly and the sides are also adjustable. Any more issues, please contact our Customer Services department.
Bought to use satnav with hire car abroad. Fell off before first corner and wouldn't stick back.
Works Great!
I took a 2400 mile round trip and this held up well. It only fell off the windshield once, but nothing that a lick & stick couldn't solve!
Wasn't able to hold a Pixel 2 and then fell to pieces
Although this came up in my search as compatible with Google Pixel 2, I was unable to get my Pixel 2 to mount securely due to the central proximity of the Pixel 2's volume button on the right hand side of the phone. The only way was to use the clamp further down the handset, which then only worked in landscape mode when mounting the holder on the windscreen. This setup caused a lot of handset wobble when driving, probably due to the uneven weight distribution with the phone being mounted lower down. Recently, one of the soft pads inside the clamp started to peel off, and then the the dial used to clamp the suction pad to the windscreen came loose, and I haven't been able to get it back on and use the holder since. All a bit disappointing really.
Just what I needed
Simple to use and works well. I just need to be a bit careful putting my phone in the cradle to make sure it doesn't interfere with he volume controls.
Good valve for money.
Easy to use, applied to windscreen no problem, stayed fix with mobile attached( even over bumps and lumps in road) all stayed stuck on windscreen.
Not used the adhesive pad for shelf.
Compact & versatile with good suction...
I bought this on a BOGOF deal - mainly to get one for my wife's car. It comes with a pad to stick on the dashboard allowing a good union between the otherwise "dimpled" dashboard surface and the suction pad on the phone holder. It can also be attached to the windscreen - which is how I use it.

It is made from the generic commonly used plastic so has that typical cheap feel, but appears to be sturdy enough, although I have not had it long enough to really judge it's longevity.

The grip is spring loaded an it does press the buttons on the side of the phone (I have a Samsung S6) if not positioned carefully and the spring is quite stiff which does mean it grips well, but also that you really need 2 hands to mount the phone and even then it can feel as if you might snap the holder.

Overall it is good, the price was good and time will tell whether the concerns expressed above (and hence only 4 stars) are warranted.
Great piece of kit.
Small and compact but holds the phone well without too much vibration.
At first i was really impressed with this. I was able to mount it on my dsah so its not in my view. Few months later the grip pads began to come off. Then just recently the arm snapped off and i was gutted. Not Nything that can be repaired
Even works with a heavy Note 8 in a case
I'm very pleased with this holder. It takes two hands to get it in and out but then I'm using a wide and heavy duty Olixar case on my phone and I need to ensure the almost-central Bixby button isn't pressed by the arms.
Holds my phone perfectly
It works exactly as described and arrived on time - perfect
Not much good
That it would wobble all the time
Fine product
The product was up to my expectations.
pretty average, a bit disappointed.
It looks good but isn't very sturdy. When driving over bumps in the car, the phone vibrates down and you need to keep lifting it up. I bought 2 and am wishing I hadn't
Just to say it works
Windscreen holder
Great little device fits phone An holds perfect on screen
not good at all
The good:
the suction cup is strong and the grip on the phone is great.

The bad:
The friction lock on the ball joint became weak in less than a week. I regularly need to tighten the phillips screws as it begins to droop down after ~2 days of use. A huge hassle..
MobileFun Reply
Hi Johnno,

Please, could you contact our Customer Service team so we are able to investigate this further for you?
Am impressed with this item
I liked that you could have it on dash as well as windscreen., & to be
able to rotate it. Easy to use.
Could be better
Product worked well with my Google Pixel 2 XL during the first few days but then it started to lose suction after a week. The arm that was a supposed to be holding the phone can no longer stand straight and the cushioning pads on the holder came off after a week, must have been some pretty dodgy adhesive.
Overall I'm not too particularly impressed.
I was very pleased with my purchase it was as described and came promptly.
Best looking-great features
This is the second of these I have bought. What I love about it is it is so compact and looks great. It has a short neck so doesn't stick out like some do. Easy to fix and rotate to portrait if required. In fact it will rotate in all sorts of directions to fit any dash/window configuration. Now I have to say the first one refused to stay stuck to the pad that is affixed to the dashboard. I cured this by a few drops of superglue on the rubber. This second one has stuck so far without the glue but I have my doubts if it will stay on in the summer when the dashboard sticker gets really hot in the sun. Overall I really love it for it's looks and ability to snap your phone in or out of the holder, rotate and it's solid too. A five star product!
great item , as decribed
Easy to use, keeps the device stable at all times
A good product which does exactly what it is supposed to do.
I bought this product to hold an old smart phone on which I had downloaded a dash cam ap. The holder needed to be small, solid and not prone to overmuch movement once affixed to a dash mat.
It also had to allow a clear view for the camera lens. It is performing admirably and I'm sure would be just as good for holding a sat nav. or just a 'phone. For the money, it's on the money.
Absolutely brilliant phone holder the best one so far.
Cheap but best suited for lighter phones
Was sold as suitable for a Nokia 640xl. The phone only fits with a squeeze, which invariably detaches itself from window. Unlikely it will last long but we will see. Phones with buttons on the side I.e. Nokia, can only be held at bottom of phone thus making phone wobble like a bobble head. Usable but maybe better for smaller, lighter phones.
Fine gear, sent very quickly to me.
SImple and elegant design fitting perfectly in my car. Would be great in my boat as well.
Great product
Love it
Okay - when it works!
I read the reviews and watched the You Tube instructions video however found this product doesn't always work. The mount mechanism can be temperamental, resulting in my mobile detaching from the windscreen and being damaged. Not happy.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Shena,

Sorry to hear about your problems with this product, Could you double check that mount is screwed in tight to the window screen. Also have you tried running the suction cup under water and allowing it to dry? This will restore the suction capabilities of the mount.
If you have anymore problems please contact our customer services.
Best Phone Holder on the Market!
This product is definitely the best phone holder out in the market. I had been on the search for a new phone holder since i got my new car back in 2016. It has a very slim profile so it allows me to mount my phone in awkward areas such as underneath the driver side air vent. The phone holder can also rotate in all direction which is very useful if you like to view your navigation in landscape. The phone holder is very strong and secure so if you do go around a harsh corner your phone will be fine. If you're looking for a new phone holder and don't like the new magnetic phone holders like me, this is definitely the product for you. This is the second time i have purchased the product so i have one in each of my cars. It is also very valuable for the cheap price it is available for. The quality of the product is definitely worth the price. Overall, it's a phone holder i would recommend to everyone.
Did not stay attached to windscreen
The mount would not stay on winscreen or other glass surface for more than a few minutes making it unusable.
Very impressed
Does exactly what it says on the tin!
Clever design but a bit flimsy
I have a HTC U11. The mount grabs it securely enough in it's case, but it can tend to press the squeezable sides of the phone launching apps when inserting.

The biggest issue I have is that I want to use it as a windscreen mount. The arm is too short on the mount meaning the phone is too close to the windscreen to allow a reasonable viewing angle. It might work better if your windscreen has a steep rake angle such as a truck, jeep or bus.

When the phone is mounted , it tends to vibrate and deflect when you try touch the screen. Clever compact design but it could use stronger plastics. I had a HTC M7 OEM mount before and it was rock solid.
seems to be of good quality.
Product arrived in good condition and well packaged.
seems to hold the phone securely and easy to fit,
Just what I wanted
Holds firmly, unlike similar items I've tried before and the size does not cause problems of visibility
Good quaility
Prefect for Samsung note 8 and good view.
Best phone holder
This has got to be the best phone holder I have ever had it’s easy to use very strong I’ve been so impressed with that I have bought four for my family alone and I have recommended it to lots of my friends phone never slips out and it always seems very secure on what ever surface you use it on Try it and you will see is the best.
great product
great product and price, it does what it says and does not fall off like a lot of other products out there.
Perfect and great value
Perfect size and sticks to windscreen really well
Straightforward & Effective Mobile Holder
Position it anywhere you like in your car, haven't tried the adhesive patch but didn't need to as the window grip was excellent, to device can be angled as you need it and holds my phone firmly. Its still where I put it a fortnight ago, and you can't beat it for value for money.
Fantastic product!
Great product, well made, very competitively priced and super quick delivery to Spain.
5 stars!
The item arrived on time and works perfectly.
The item is fine. I don't kmnow how it could be improved.
Good products
Could have done with instruction leaflet on how to use.
Good product, holds device in place
Could have come with instructions on how to use, other than that, good product
Quite a nice piece of kit.
I was impressed by the strength of the suction of the device and it is quite a solid build that looks like it will stand the test of time. A tight fit for my Moto g4 could be made a bit wider to accommodate todays larger phones but basically happy with my purchase.
Great product
Easy to to use, neat phone holder. Turns to either vertical or horizontal.
Top Notch.
Can't fault it. Works like a dream.
It's okay
I had this for a year before the sticky ran out. Given the price maybe that's fair but I was disappointed. Now I think it might be useless.
It's an aggressive holder so it won't drop your device but will want to press side buttons.
Awesome piece of kit
I'm a white van man and the satnav my work supplies is so out of date it's useless unless u live in 2003 , being able to use my phone and Google maps to get where I'm going is so much better , no more using blutak or wedging the phone into cup holders, this product is a must if u want to use your phone while out and about in the van , plus it's really easy to install and holds my phone securely
Top Notch
Lots of these devices around but settled on this one and glad I did. Easy to set up and phone fits well. Good buy.
Works even better than expected - must have
I mounted this on my dash. It holds a 5.5" cell phone solidly. The ability to set a variety of positions is fantastic. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to mount a cell phone holder to a dashboard. Note that there is an adhesive backed base which the suction cup adhere's to. I'll probably purchase another for another vehicle.
Bit drunk
Just got paid ,felt like I had to buy someting usefull , I'm sure what I bought will be really helpfully, thanks mobile fun
Seems to be fine
I've only hade the iPhone mount a few days but as far as I can tell it will do a good job - hopefully for a long time! Gives great flexibility of movement and seems secure.
Just as described
My only criticism is that when the item was delivered to my work address as requested it came without my name on the package. The person who received the parcel didn't know who it was for. I did receive it eventually.
Happy with it. Does the job
Great product
Does the job well
Had it for around a month and its performing very well - versatile fixings and tough.
Good buy so far
Works well
Works as good as any other phone holder, only just fits a pixel XL with a spigen case but holds it securely
I bought the Olixar Omniholder because very occasionally I want to use my smartphone as a Sat Nav. This wont happen very often so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on any device. Also I didn't want something that is glued to the dashboard nor slotted into the air vents (these vents are not always in the best place for your device).

I've given it just 4-stars because it isn't Rolls-Royce quality, but will be good enough for occasional use. I can keep it in my glovebox in case I need it. My Nexus 5X has a "book" cover on it, and it looks as though I will have to remove the phone from its cover to insert it into the Olixar; not happy about doing that but as I don't expect to use it very often I can put up with that.
The product does what it says, excellent for the car.
Quite good
Works fine but on my LG G5 which is a larger size ph
one with a protective cover it was a tight squeeze to fit in to the holder. Shakes around quite a lot when driving. Overall happy but purchasers with larger phones should consider the above.
Great unit for holding mobile phone on either the screen or dash
Great unit for holding mobile phone on either the screen or dash with the optional plate - A++
Sturdy and sticks well
Bought it for my wife's car. Suction base sticks well to a smooth surface on the dash. Looks like it will have a good grip on a phone, and can easily turn from portrait to landscape. Won't hold big phones (eg. 5.5in) but good for normal size (eg. 4.7in).
No happy
No good for IPhone 6S Plus. The ribbers move an phone just falls out!!
this is excellent to be hands free in your car
this is a great product
Very Compact
Great little holder!! With my VW jetta having not a lot of space to suction a holder too, this holder was able to fit. With heaps of movement I was able to put it in the perfect location. Will recommend it to anyone!
Does what says on the tin
Bought this and its been great. I couldnt fix it to my screen (it fell off a first attempt) but tbh I was in a hurry to leave home that day and havent tried since. Its affixed to my dashboard instead. I quite like it for being able to rotate it to whatever direction suits and also being able to charge my phone whilst in the cradle. All round winner. I gave it 4 stars as I couldn't straightaway stick it to my windscreen.
Item as described
Item was received promptly and well packaged. It is easy to mount and use. My Lumia 950 XL fits on it well, even with it's protective cover on. But it feels a little heavy, I hope it will stick. Have yet to try it on the road.
Doesn't really fit my iPhone 7 Plus. Falling apart.
Okay, so my iPhone 7 Plus with an Otterbox slim case does not really fit into the holder. I literally have to lever the phone into the holder. Because of this, the adhesive pads started to come off almost straight away.

Other than that, the holder bounces a lot when driving. It can be quite distracting.
Does the Job
First use just today and all fine. I found it needs a good firm press against the windscreen before locking in place. Also the natural fit position is halfway down the phone but on mine that is where the volume button is so I mounted it lower - which when using the phone in landscape positon makes it slightly wobbly as the mount is off-centre. But it stayed in place.
mixed reviews
When I read the description stating the in-car mount could accommodate mobile cases, I thought my Apple Silicone Case for iPhone 6 would be included. After driving a couple of miles on the first use however, the in-car mount lost suction and my phone fell. This startled me as it was unexpected. I simply removed the case and it has since worked a charm. I like the way it tilts. It's inconvenient removing and inserting the Apple Silicone Case for driving but not much of a hassle to warrant not using it. 5* driving without the case in-mount, 1* with.
Fantastic Product
Excellent product, easy to use, far exceeds expectations, better than others on market.
very good
excellent little item, very easy to use and set up,can be stored in your glove box when not in use
About time
After years of wasting money on duff incar phone holders I have finally found one that does what it says on the tin
Not so sticky
I've tried re positioning this several times and given up on the holder, i can't get it to stick for longer that 2 minutes.
Does what it says on the box.
The in-car mount comfortably holds my mobile phone whilst in its case. With the use of the included adhesive base, it fits securely to my dashboard. It is, however, prone to vibration. Since I bought it in order to use my phone as a dashcam, the vibration is a little irritating. For any other use it would not be an issue.
suction is not strong enough
The stand constantly falls off the windscreen and when I try the dashboard the suction is not strong enough.
Really strong and easy to use
I was very impressed. The product is very cheap but the build quality seems really good, it's held very strongly to my car windscreen and it's pretty much foolproof. Would definitely recommend.
Brilliant Holder
I have a Renault Twingo and the surface isn't smooth - I stuck the holder in one place and then decided to move it immediately; I didn't think that it'd stick back straight away yet it stuck! It twists so if I need directions it can move to be exactly within my direct vision and to charge I can move it back to where it was, out of the way - fab!
Works great
sticks to the glass, holds the phone, wobbles a bit.
All good
it does not fit in my car window and it touched on/off button every time i put phone in. total waste of my money I paid for, I should have went in shop have look at it, I cant even use it now.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Valerie

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this accessory. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
Sits perfectly on the windscreen of my Morgan car. So many of the other phone holders encroach on the limited space on my dashboard. It holds my iPhone securely and I am very happy with the Olixar.
Good but could be firmer
Good well adjustabal mount that stays stuck on my windscreen, however when using the touch screen the phone moves back a few mil, which is anoying while driving, hence only 4 *'s
Practical, solid, good price
I bought this to take on my travels, for when I use my iPhone as a sat nav in a rental car. It seems very solid, holds my iphone 7 (in a thick case) very firmly, leaves all the ports and buttons acessible. Unlike the previous holder I used, this one folds up very neatly into a small package. Pleased with my purchase so far.
Works well for the price
I like the product for the price. Probably would not spend more than $15 on this particular phone holder. I have a htc one x9 which is quite wide and it still fits well but when used used with my phone case it is very hard to get in the holder. Not too sure how long the pads on the inside of the holding mechanism will last as they already seem worn after 2 weeks of use.

What i do love is the swivel which allows you to adjust the angle of the device you are using with ease. Would have been great to have a locking mechanism that held the phone at the angle and pitch you choose.

Overall pretty happy with the product for the price.
Super Job
Great little phone holder exactly what i needed. Ordering another one for the van
Affordable and universal fit. Useful for using phone GPS
Easy to mount and very useful for using the phone navigation app.
Great Recommendation
I have bought one for at least all my siblings , cheap and very reliable
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