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Olixar Tree Frog Ultra-Grip Dashboard Pad Reviews

The Olixar Tree Frog Dashboard Pad provides a secure resting position for your mobile phone or other items right on your car dashboard without the use of any sticky residue.
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Works as Advertised
Pad really works. Sticky yet easy to place phone as desired and easy to remove phone when finished. No residual stickiness. Best feature over clips is accessibility to the phone's side buttons. Nice product.
Really does work!And in near vertical ie 70 degrees.
Excellent product
Excellent product. Holds my phone and other things on my car dash well. Very portable.
A Great Product
Hoping that this worked and it does exactly what it say it will
Excellent product
This dashboard pad really works! I have purchased many of the them for gifts.
Work well
Good size for all phone and so far has done as it was advertised.
Brilliant invention

I probably should have realised it was going to grip great by the name ... 🐸 ZAP everything with a sticky tongue
Very sticky
Does the phone stick to it - Oh yes

Does the thing sticks to the dash - not really.
A very simple but effective product
I put the pad on my curved dash and use it to hold my remote key. It stays in place, doesn’t rattle as a drive and is easy to remove when I leave the car. Love it.
I love this - Had it for 2 weeks and hasn't failed yet. Changes everything having the phone on the dash easy to reach and see. And I didn't have to take it out of its cover.
This is the best item I have purchased for a long time
Works like it should
Very sticky. Doesn't allow the phone to slide around. Getting the phone off of the pad is a mission. Sometimes removing the pad is easier than trying to remove the phone.
Good product.
This is a good product, I've had difficulty getting my navman to lock onto the dimpled dash in my car. This product fits the bill, it is stable and quite a good looking item.
Excellent Product
Excellent Product
Works well
Does as described so far so good
Love it!
Most coveted item bought for my new car. Only thing that sticks to textured dash. Easily holds a full mug of hot tea. Now ordering more for late xmas gifts (highly coveted). Only complaint is gets a touch mucky with dust or anything messy on the dash. Easy to clean though.
good cheap solution
works well, I use on steering wheel as dash not suitable and too far away, it's perfect for phone calls
Sticks very firmly to the car surface. The phone sticks very firmly to the pad - too firmly really.
However, does what it says.
Perhaps it would be too complicated to be a little less sticky on the phone side.
Where I remove my phone, I put the packaging piece on the pad until I need to use it next time.
Not great for me
Didn't do what I wanted it to do
Sticks well
Sticks well to flat surface. Phone sticks so well that when I tried to remove phone, the back cover was pulled off. Don't use the holder where exposed to sunlight!!
Secure grip
Olixar Tree Frog Ultra-Grip Dashboard Pad works beautifully. Now I would like to see how long that will last.
Very fine reliable product
A good purchase on my part, it works very well!
Didn't work for me.
The holder has good adhesive properties but would not stick where I needed. When I would remove the phone, the pad came with it. Needed it in the center console of my truck. I guess that surface isn't compatible. No other place on the dash that I could use. Threw it away.
Not worth it
Bought 2, 1 for each car. The first day it was on the dash and acted like a solar collector, the phone was too hot to pick up without gloves. Moved it to a cooler spot. Phone no longer sticks to it. Tried washing it, phone still will not stick. Worthless although a good idea.
Unbelievable grip
WOW! Sticky or wot!.... Unbelievable. Eveything can stick to this pad. My leather phone case, parking badge even your fingers seem to stick to this.
You think your hands are going to be sticky but they are not. You think it will leave sticky stuff on your phone etc. it does not.
When you peel it off the dash it streatches like spiderman.
Incredible stuff Highly recomended and such a good price too.
Oh and ps. Dust your dash first as it wil stick to the dust which prevents it sticking to the car. however you can wash it so no problem.
All great
It works really well.
Ultra Grip ? You bet, but not in a good way
Had many of these type of thing before, and always far cheaper as it happens. Would never put a phone on it as it'll fry in the crazy hot summer day we get here in the UK. My partner uses it for her keys, camera etc.

Lost the last one and bought one of these; two in fact. Well, they kinda stick to the dash, and whatever you put onto it sticks like the proverbial to a blanket. Trouble is, when you remove whatever it is, the pad just comes away with it. Then when you prise it all apart, you end up with slightly sticky nodules on your equipment.
Effectively useless in my opinion. Back to cheap and nasty
Does what it says
This actually does what they say. You can stick almost anything to it at very steep angles and it stays put. I know I have tried it and use it on my car dash every day.
All the best ideas are simple ones, and this product delivers on its promises. So much better than suction fixings that leave tell-tale marks on you windscreen (for the benefit of would be thieves!), and other heavy devices which are an absolute pain to carry in your car.
This product is designed to last, and will do so. (what could possibly go wrong?). The description confirms that the "sticky" can be refreshed, and I would assume that this can be done many times before finally losing its grip altogether. When/if that happens, it won't cost much to replace the item with a new one via Mobile Fun.
So I've managed to purchase what apears to be a product completely suited to my needs, and supplied efficiently by a reliable supplier, on time.
Mind you, the name makes me wonder a little - I've never seen a frog like it!
Fulfills its purpose perfectly
I drive a Civic 2017. Great car but it lack in sunglasses holding space. With this item, I can stick the glasses on the dash and they will not shift while driving.

Love it - It's small, nonobstructive and looks like it came with the car. Would buy it again.
Very handy
Sticks to the dash.....and the phone like scandal sticks to a politician.
Does exactly what it said it should ...... and does it well. Looks good too .
Really not impressed
Really not impressed. As advertised everything sticks to it. On a curved dash board my phone is securely held. Problem is getting the frog to stick to the dash board. It just doesn't stick. Really is a pointless purchase.
Great Product
Very useful item, intended to hold a mobile phone on the dash and I'm sure it would do that well. However I use it for holding parking tickets securely on my dash so they don't blow off or over, and thus incur a fine from the ever zealous Parking Attendants. Have used one for a few years on current car, about to take delivery of a new car so bought a new one for that. This little Pad is the answer to a small but irritating and possibly expensive, problem.
Great Dashboard Pad
The Tree frog does exactly what it says on the tin, no more sliding WiFi dongles or smartphones on my dashboard. Just refresh the grip surface every month as per the instructions & your good for another few weeks.....

Great Product, highly recommended!
Ido not know how i managed before the tree frog
Ido not know how i managed before the tree frog, i left my phone in places i thought werr not possible great piece of kit one for my car and one for the wifes, i have since purchasing tree frog notleft my phone anywhere. excellant piece of kit.
Clever simple idea
Unfortunately it would not stick to my Land Rover Discovery 4 dashboard.( I bought it so I could use my iPhone as an additional GPS with Waze).it seems to stick to other surfaces well but not the dashboard. I am sure it will useful in our very old BMW 530 .I have bought your Olixar CD bracket which again is very simple and works well .
I am a farmer and have always found simple things tend to work best in the long term !!!
Inexpensive solution for all drivers.
It's a bargain. Bought two. Gave the flat pad to my son and he uses it to hold his mobile phone, keys and or garage door opener. I kept the pad version with the side channels to hold your phone upright - don't know the name of this Tree Frog model, but my only disappointment is that Olixar no longer offers this particular model - does everything the flat pad does and more! Please bring it back on the market.
Works well, if you have a flatish area. Tricky to keep dust free in car.
Sticky as a very sticky thing. Sits on my dashboard securely and hold anything I put on it. Easily moved and cleaned if necessary.
sticks without being sticky
great product - looks good and stops my husband's glasses and phone from flying all over the car.
Mixed review holds the phone securly at any angle . But when you remove phone the frog tends to lift of the dash as well
Great little gripper
Does exactly as it promises and holds any mobile phone in position. Great purchase!
does just what it says
This is perfect - as long as you check your car before hand and work out where the flat surface on your dashboard is and whether that meets your needs.
Boy but it sticks
This is a very handyitem for the car anything will stick to it and it to anything. It takes some doing though to move it about. Are you able to wash it?☺
MobileFun Reply
Hi John

The Tree Frog can indeed be washed just by running water over it, which not just cleans but also revitalises its sticky qualities.
Very good product
Very good product
Amazingly sticky, leaves no mark.
Bought to hold a Snooper speed camera detector on the dashboard after I couldn't stop the supplied windscreen mount from rattling. Works perfectly.
Tree frog functions perfectly
I bought the Olixar Tree Frog because a survey of devices to secure my mobile within my car indicated that the tree frog was the only method that did not result in scratches, holes or dents to fixtures within the car. The tree frog functions perfectly.
Excellent product
Excellent product, phone stays secure on my curved dashboard no matter how hard I corner or how bumpy the road surface. It works the same for keys or glasses case.
great grip, and reusable after cleaning!
I purchased the Olixar Tree Frog Ultra-Grip Dashboard Pad for my wife, because she has a long commute to her work.

When we received the Olixar Tree Frog Ultra-Grip Dashboard Pad , we could tell that it was strong enough to secure her new iPhone on a flat surface. Unfortunately on her cars dashboard, there is only one smooth, flat surface. This location on the dash is great for hands free communication, but it also a negative because she drives facing the sun, going and returning from work.
That is the only con, other than this it works great!
Excellent product
Excellent product, works great
Simple and effective
I love this thing! It hold my phone securely, is slim and neat and goes back in its plastic pouch when not in use. Perfect!
Brilliant idea
I must say, when I first found this product, I was a little dubious it would work at all, but I needed to give it a try due to the shape of my air vents not allowing me to use anything else.

I'm glad I did.

My dashboard is leather, strangely shaped and dusty. This stuck to it immediately and has not failed once, even when I find myself trying to test its limits, by having my phone only partially on it.

My phone now sits at nearly vertical on the dashboard, but with no fiddly bits or easy to break plastic.

It doesn't leave a residue and is super easy to clean. I think I've found a "go to" gift idea!
Sticks to the task
The Ultra Grip dashboard Pad is such a great idea, easy to fit anywhere in the car and holds either my iphone or iPad in position even over bumpy roads.
Only one down side is the pad does tend to lift off the dash board when removing the device from it.
not good
If you put the phone at a very steep angle with the frog skin , the phone falls off of it. NOT VERY GOOD !
Useful item
This very simple device works very well with my smartphone, even with the case on. Doesn't require a totally flat surface to sit on nor does the phone need to be completely on it. With most smartphones being capable of being used as a satnav this makes it easier to find somewhere on the dashboard out of your line of vision so much safer. Like it a lot.
The advertising was factual and it was eeexactly as I expected so hard to improve the peoduct
The advertising was factual and it was eeexactly as I expected so hard to improve the peoduct
This item works exceptionally well & is highly recommended. Holds phone securely and would indeed hold any other device securely.
Interesting idea.
Thin, flexible and very sticky plastic mat that will stick to pretty much any smooth surface. It help my phone (Nexus 5X) in place quite well although the surface the mat is stuck on would need to be on an angle no more than 45 degrees max. The thing easily peels off and sticks to something else. I'm not sure how well it would stick when very dirty and I'm not sure how effective washing it would be, I haven't had it long enough to find out.
Does what it says on the tin
I've tried many phone holders but none are really right. This one is simple and doesn't get in the way. Only slight complaint is that the topside ahould be slightly less sticky than the bottom side which sticks to the dashboard.
Great Buy
Great Grip Pad, especially BOGOF offer, very handy in the car for my phone or blue badge and anything else that needs keeping in place. Excellent customer service and delivery.
Excellent product
This product is awesome, It grips my phone so it never moves, I have it on my dashboard flat, but you can easily put it vertically and it will still hold. I highly recommend it.
Waste of money. Comes off dashboard or wherever you stick it as soon as an item is removed.
Hopeless and useless
This is a pad that is so sticky on both sides that your phone is impossible to remove. All that happens is that the pad comes off with the phone. It also smells very odd. A nasty little bit of rubber that went straight in the bin. Avoid.
Good product
Excellent product and my 'phone sticks like glue. The only downside is that when I pick up my 'phone, the mat comes off with it and has to be re positioned back on to the dash.
Well I didn't think a little bit of shiny rubber would work so well but it's fantastic
Well I didn't think a little bit of shiny rubber would work so well but it's fantastic, so pleased I found this item on your site
Ultra-grip dashboard pad
Item fulfils the description as advertised and is definitely fit for purpose.
Ideal product
I use mine to hold my DAB car radio handset so that I can change stations safely by pressing the numbers and remaining within the law. It holds well and has never fallen off. Not used on mobile phone but is ideal for my smaller product.
I think it wonderful, it sticks very well
I think it wonderful, it sticks very well, and holds the phone wellbut I am limited to were I can stick it it don't like plastic which you get a lot of in new cars but when I found a place it stuck well.
Very Sticky, but not sticky
Very quick delivery and the Tree Frog Ultra-Gip works a treat. Just slapped it on the dashboard and plopped phone on it. No movement at all. Just a bit too sticky for my phone case though, it won't let go without a bit of a fight. But it does exactly what I wanted it to.
Unfortunately this product holds the device in place until you wanty to remove the device, whereupon the whole thing comes away from the dash and you end up with a sticky phone in your hand, most unpleasant.
Very sticky
Nothing slips but as I may have put it wrong side down. When taking an item off the pad the pad comes as well!

No problem though
Very handy mat
This dash board pad is very handy, it will grip to the surface even if its not flat mine is curvey but its gone on no problem, you can also cut it to make it fit where ever you want, I find it very handy for my glasses as I am always losing them in the car lol..and the phone fits and grips very well even though it is on the curve, hope this helps anyuone thinking of buy it
Does what it says on thetin
I couldn't work out how it could do what it said it does but it did.

It grips so strongly you expect the phone to end up sticky but it doesn't.

Holds phone etc very well but.......
When you pick up the phone, the Tree Frog comes with it!
Great product
Great to use in the car to keep the phone in place where i can see it
Best Ever!
I just put this amazing pad on my dashboard and, when I get in the car, throw my S7 Edge in that general direction. It sticks and never moves. Even with the charging cable pulling, it NEVER moves. Get one!
Extremely useful
I use this pad every time i get into my car. No matter what kind of turn you make of how fast your going, your phone isn't going ANYWHERE if your phone is on this thing.
Great little gadget
Great little gadget have looked at these many times and decided to go FROG it! Works wonders unobtrusive on my mini dash and holds my phone/keys or anything else steadfast. Purchased on a BOGOF offer I'm JUMPING with joy!
Tree Frog?
Don't know about calling it a 'Tree Frog' I'd say it's more like a 'Limpet' very very good and effective.
Surprisingly Super
My wife's car dash is about 70 degree angle. Pretty much vertical. I attached the tree frog and it holds so well. Her phone has to be literally peeled off.

Mine is in a rubber back case and even that stays put.

Best Buy in a long time.
Great gadget
Great gadget
Happy Hippo
I Love it!
Just the job
Although they are good, they don't last forever
I ordered these because I've used them before and although they are good, they don't last forever. So I purchased some new ones
This is very good for your phone
this is very good for your phone but I have had to buy annother device so that I can use my phone as a sat nav and see the screen. My car is small and doesn't have a lot of dashboard room. handy for my passengers to use though!!
Magic indeed! What a strange clever device this is. Strange to handle but so very clever that it can hold your phone, keys etc on the front of your dashboard, with no fear of them dropping or sliding off as you drive around corners or roundabouts. I like this a lot and you can move it without leaving any sticky residue, even to another vehicle.
Really useful; simple to use; good value for money
Very pleased with my Tree frog. Works far better than I expected. Clings to almost surface and holds my smart phone securely. Easier to use than mobile phone cradles. Simply lay it on the pad and it's held securely until you lift it off.
dashboard pad review
The mobile device sticks really well on the pad without leaving any marks on the mobile you can just put the dashboard pad anywhere on the dash board although it can get dusty but can easly be rinsed off with water and dried off.
Dashboard pad
Useful and makes what it says
Adheres extremely well to the moulding of the dashboard, even with the sun coming through the windscreen. Holds keys, map, mobile phone and handkerchief - not all at once, though - without any issue. Hubby can even find his reading glasses with ease. We love it, hence we purchased more for our neighbours. When wiping the dashboard during interior cleaning, just wipe over the Dashboard Pad for continued efficiency.
Adheres extremely well to the moulding of the dashboard, even with the sun coming through the windscreen. Holds keys, map, mobile phone and handkerchief - not all at once, though - without any issue. Hubby can even find his reading glasses with ease. We love it, hence we purchased more for our neighbours. When wiping the dashboard during interior cleaning, just wipe over the Dashboard Pad for continued efficiency.
Great little sticky pad to put my phone on in the car. It's collecting a little dash debris/dust but washes off easily. Super easy to order and pay for. Quick delivery and within the time frame promised. Will definitely be my first choice for future products.
c b radios
It won't stick to frieghtliners dash boards at all and was wondering will it hold a CB radio not on my dash. So I wasted my money can't even use the stuff
Great product the mat sticks anywhere. Recommended it
It's all true
Yep this most simple of ideas works a treat. It feels sticky but doesn't make your fingers sticky. So sticky that you have to peel the device off of it to stop the Tree Frog coming away with the phone. And it is picking up dust but after a week it is still fine.
Sticks like a very sticky thing
This is a brilliant idea, I have cut it down slightly to fit in a suitable place on my dash and it holds my phone perfectly. Because my car is not the most valeted vehicle around, by the time I had tried various places the pad was covered in dust and losing it's stickiness. A quick rinse in some hot soapy water and by the time I got back out to the car it was dry and stuck like a good 'un. This little marvel leaves no residue on the dash or my phone. I highly recommend this.
Simply works
My mom was ordering it, I thought why not. We have older cars unlike hers so where do u put your phone for directions that is handy?
This sticky guy works. U can stick it to everywhere.
You do need to take into consideration what type of cover you have on your cell phone as some don't stick that well at certain angles. Find it works best for the kids charging their phone on the center arm rest.
Cleaning if you are taking your phone off and on a bit will be frequent to keep the sticky happening.
It is many times better than the one I had been using
I have been using the dash pad for about a week. It is many times better than the one I had been using. Hopefully it continues to do what it is designed to do for a long time.
Amazing !
Got this to stop the sat nav sliding around.
I'm amazed at how effective it is.
You will not be disappointed.
Sticky solution to slippery problem
This does work! I've just upgraded to an LG G4 and it would't fit in the place I had kept my old phone and this mat is just ideal. It was a little smaller than imagined from the pictures and the video but does exactly what it says on the can! It sticks to the dashboard and you just place your phone on top of the mat. There is no residue or marks on the phone and if you take it off the dash there are no marks there either.

I think it works better with either a metal or plastic case, as against a rubber/silicone case. It does work with the silicone case but the grip is not quite so good.

The only thing that brassed me off is the day after I bought 1 mat from mobilefun there was a special offer where you could get 3 for what I paid. However, great product.
Fantastic !
Bought this to try & stop the satnav sliding off the dash in the wife's car and am amazed at how effective it is. Just back from Snowdonia and it didn't move a millimeter.
If you want to stop stuff sliding off your dash, this is the product for you !
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