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SoundMAGIC E10 In-Ear Headphones - Gunmetal Reviews

Enjoy your music in crystal clarity with a strikingly balanced sound with the SoundMAGIC E10 In-Ear Headphones in Gunmetal. Built to last with its all metal earphone construction, powerful bass and a comfortable fit.
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40,49€ inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 21 customers

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All good
Product and delivery good. Lots of options to make the in ear fit a perfect one. I messed-up because I should have bought one with a microphone but no-one has said they can't hear me so working out fine!
Great sound
These are simply a great pair of in-ear headphones for listening to music, nothing more. They come with a selection of different sized buds to achieve "best fit" in your ear, all packaged in a neat little zipped carry case. There is no microphone or track skip button, but the sound is absolutely amazing for the money.
Really good buy
Really happy with these earphones sound is great with good base and mid range. I travel a lot with work and on the plane they're almost noise cancelling easy to transport and the material quality seem hard wearing easpecially the cable.
Soundmagic headphones
I would highly recommend these headphones
For such small headphones they have alot of power
The treble and bass are excellent very good quality with music I highly recommend
Crystal clear
Brilliant and good sound and liked the case with assorted earbuds
Great Product
Nice headphones and they do the job well. Nice sound and solid build.
only a couple of weeks use
using them with my samsung galaxy s3 and my laptop; so, so fair so good. come with carry case and different earbuds. they fit nicely locking out the outside noise immersing me in the music. the base in the headphones is good but want to try on a much newer phone.
Unmatched at this pricepoint
Small well built & comfortable with a powerful yet clear sound with great separation.
You can pay pay many times the cost of these without approaching the same kind of sound quality
Punch above their weight in terms of price and performance.
I have owned numerous in-ear phones including upmarket models from Shure and Audio Technica. None have been truly satisfying musically mainly due to difficulties in attaining a good comfortable fit in my ears. The SoundMAGIC E10's appealed because of their small size, good selection of rubber buds supplied and enthusiastic reviews in the audio press. Also, the price offered by MobileZap was most attractive! Cutting to the chase, I am very happy with these phones so far. The lively sound is enjoyable and they fit well in my ears.
Happy Customer
Great sounding headphones. Comparable to many which are multiple times more expensive. Was delivered promptly. Overall would buy again.
Sounds great but..
These earbuds sound great but there is,no track skip!!!!
That should've been in the description.
Love my new ear headphone set. Variety of sizes and the small size works great under my motorcycle helmet.
I was searching for ear headphone set that was small and would allow me to list to my music while riding as a passenger on our motorcycle. These work great and the sound is wonderful. Delivery was excellent. I would definitely order from this company again.
Exceptional headphones for the price. Classic U shaped response curve. Highly recommended.
Excellent product
Excellent product great quality
Terrific headphones
Purchased these on the basis of their review by What Hi Fi. I agree that it would be difficult to find a better set of earbuds near this price. Recommended for people who don't want bass-heavy sound but want accuracy and separation.
Great EarBuds
These are my favorite earbuds of all time. I had a pair for almost a year and broke them when they were still plugged into my device and I dropped it on the floor and the connector broke. I was a little hesitant to purchase something from the UK as it usually takes an inordinate amount of time to get to the US but the zippy folks at Mobile fun got them to me in only a few days. Great prices, excellent customer service and I highly recommend these guys.
Great item
Very happy
Great value for money
Cheap, good quality and sound and conveniently comes with a range of earbuds
Very good sound, comparable to more expensive earbug.
Those earbug deliver! The sound is crystal clear and they are made of quality material. The best sound I heard for that price so far. It deserve it's award for best under 60USD.

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