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Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Spigen Neo Hybrid in violet is the new leader in lightweight protective cases. Spigen's new Air Cushion Technology reduces the thickness of the case while providing optimal corner protection for your Samsung Galaxy S8.
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Good for price
Looks a bit cheaper than I expected. I thought the purple part was a rubber or sift plastic but it's just hard plastic but it fits phone perfectly and does the job
Good solid case, looks nice too
Excellent case, easy to fit
The case is excellent for the protection of the back and it is really easy to fit it. It does not protect the front screen so you still need a screen protector with it.
Perfect fit for Phone
This is the perfect cover for Samsung Phone
Great case,really good value for price
Nothing more,product description on line told me all I wanted to know
Great quality..
Delighted with my purchase. Exelent quality and fits my Galaxy S8 perfect. Very happy with it. And on top of everything delivered to me one day before the promised delivery date. Definitely recomend!
Good quality robust case
Case is a good quality one, not at all flimsy.
Excellent Product
Lasts a really long time. Does what it says on the tin.
Slimline and strong
This cover arrived on time and matched the description. It hasn't made the phone feel bulky but has the extended lip at the edge to protect it if it falls. I really like it.
Good quality, easy to fit, good looks
Spigen quality all around. Perfect fit on my S8 does not look bulky and appears to offer good protection. Recommended.
I'm a big fan of Spigen cases - this is no exception
As soon as I'd ordered my S8 then I had to get a Spigen case for it, as for my previous phones. Great design, great fit, excellent quality and the Neo Hybrid is no exception to my previous experience.
Excellent slim cover
The cover fits perfectly around the S8 providing it with excellent protection. The buttons on the sides are still very easy to press. All of the phones access points for the charger, head phone jack are open and easy to get to.
Would highly recommend this to anyone.
It's worth it.
Loving the casing.
Perfect fit.
Nice color that really suits.
This case is a beautiful colour. Comfortable in your hand. Easy to hold. Offers great protection for your phone without covering up the edge of the phone so you can still use all of the edge functions.

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